Char from twitterCharlotte is currently a junior doctor with the North Bristol NHS Trust.

Charlotte graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2013 with a degree in Natural Sciences, specialising in Genetics. She then went on to complete her PhD at Imperial College London, where she explored the biology behind how our chromosomes fold, organise and repair themselves. During her PhD she became drawn towards the medical sciences, compelling her to go on to do a medical degree too.

Charlotte has been communicating science for over seven years, at several festivals including the Edinburgh Fringe, Cheltenham Science Festival, Bluedot and Green Man, also at London Zoo, Kew Gardens, Imperial College, pubs and galleries across the UK. In addition, she runs the taboo-busting show Our Disgusting Planet with her friend and colleague Belle Taylor, is the resident referee for the live London improv show The No-Ball PrizesĀ and performs across the country with the comedy panel show Agony Auncles of Science. More recently, Charlotte has started a new collaboration Gut Feelingz with fellow doctor Leo Polchar, where she explores the evolution, health and epigenetics of guts. The show is brought to life by Charlotte’s flare for comedy and Leo’s music.

Charlotte is available as a science comedian, science communicator, presenter and writer. She also offers expert opinion in genetics, epigenetics, microbiology and medicine.

Please do get in touch if you require a geneticist and doctor with a passion for communicating.

Chelt kids faces blurred

Cheltenham Science Festival 2022


Filming for Wondrium 2022

Biology in Action 1

Biology in Action 2017, Photo: Dr Steve Cross

Showoff winchester 3

Winchester Science Festival 2016, Photo: Dr Steve Cross
Vagina museum picture
Vagina Museum, Photo: Dr Steve Cross

Agony Auncles from Twitter

Agony Auncles of Science, Edinburgh Fringe Festival